The Purpose of the Qualification
There is definitive escalation in the demand for professionally trained, practically orientated and knowledgeable law enforcement officers.

This qualification is directed at the public and private security industry as well as the broader field of policing, justice and corrections.

Law enforcement investigators, analysts and response officers should be able to manage the primary and secondary functions within the sphere of policing in the public and private policing environment.

Learners will be required to integrate this required core knowledge into society and effectively execute their functions.

The Diploma in Criminal Justice is designed to provide opportunities for the qualifying learner to access positions in:

  • Safety and security
  • Various sectors within the broader context of policing

It is also of benefit to practitioners within the public and private security, law enforcement industry and the Criminal Justice environment as a whole.

The qualification aims to provide learners with the knowledge, skills and values that are a prerequisite in the private and public policing field as well as other spheres of Criminal Justice.

The diploma contributes to the professionalising of private and public law enforcement. It is a learning programme that assists industry leaders in establishing a clear career path for law enforcement practitioners.

Required Prior Learning: Grade 12/Senior Certificate, or any equivalent qualification as prescribed (FETC (V) Level 4.

Learners who are 23 or older, have work experience and are competent in English can also access the qualification.

Duration: 3 Years, maximum 6 years to complete
Registration: January & July
Campuses: Tzaneen, Mokopane and Rustenburg

First Year

1st Semester

  • General Management
  • Business Communication
  • Business Law A

2nd Semester

  • Concepts of Policing 1
  • Security Practice 1
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Business Law B

Second Year

1st Semester

  • Criminal Law 1
  • Law of Procedure and Evidence
  • Security Practice 2

2nd Semester

  • Concepts of Policing 2
  • Management of the Patrol Function
  • Criminal Law 2

Third Year

1st Semester

  • Crime Prevention
  • Project Management
  • Professional Business Ethics

2nd Semester

  • Crowd Management
  • Security Practice 3


Apart from following a career as a private or public law enforcement officer, successful learners will also be able explore related fields of study such as criminology and more specifically that of a police, traffic, metropolitan police or security officer.

On completion of this qualification, learners will be competent in the following areas:

  • Security Practices, patrol function and crowd management
  • Criminal law, law procedures, crime scene management
  • Business law
  • Ethical conduct in the security and policing sector
  • Crime prevention and community protection
  • Broad understanding of security practices in both the private and public sector
  • Private security services
  • Concepts of policing and its role in a democratic society